1st China Shangbang
International Photography Award 2016


Closing Date 1st September 2016

About Shangbang Photography Award

Organiser 主办:

China Shangbang International Photography Club

Co-Organiser :

PhotoVivo Singapore

In Association with 协办:

Xiapu Cultural Department , World Photography Geographic magazine
霞浦县文化局, 《世界摄影地理》杂志社

Professional and Amateur Photographers from all over the world are cordially invited to take part in the 1st China Shangbang International Photography Award 2016 that is conducted in accordance with the recommended practices and rules of The Photographic Society of America (PSA) and The Royal Photographic Society (RPS). The Salon received patronage for all sections from PSA and RPS.

Sections And Awards

This Salon is conducted in conformity with PSA and RPS. Acceptances and awards from this Salon are eligible for PSA Star Ratings…


Judging on few categories – Colour Open Section, Monochrome Open section, Travel Colour Open Section & Xiapu Colour Landscape Section


The salon period is start from 1st March 2016 until 1st September 2016. Closing Date is 1st September 2016. Judging date for Colour…

The salon received patronage from


PSA Patronage for all 4 sections
美国摄影学会(PSA)承认 PSA 2016/226

RPS Recognition for all 4 sections
英国皇家摄影学会(RPS)承认 RPS 2016/61